Our investment strategies embody four key principles:


1. Tactical

Most investors don’t have the luxury of waiting years for a buy-and-hold or index strategy to recover from steep losses.  We believe the best way to make money is to avoid losing it in the first place.

2. Systematic

Better outcomes can be achieved by relying on a data-driven investment system and a clear set of rules designed to protect and grow assets over time.

3. Intuitive 

Clients deserve an investment strategy they can understand and trust. 

4.  Liquid

Clients should have unrestricted access to their capital, on their terms.


Our strategies shift between offensive and defensive ETF portfolios in response to our proprietary measures of market stress.

Our indicator system incorporates insights into behavioral finance and equity market dynamics identified by Huygens’ own research. 

The system is updated once each day after market close, allowing us to respond quickly to changing market conditions.


CEO Walt Vester speaks about Huygens Capital's approach: