04 September 2015 - Our Indicator history

A brief update on our strategies in light of recent equity market volatility:

  • Defensive position - At market close Friday August 21, in response to the increase in volatility, our indicator switched to defensive positioning.  As a result, on Monday August 24, we positioned our Pilot accounts to bias toward treasuries, and we positioned our Mariner tactical hedged equity strategy to market neutral.  
  • Opportunity - While we don't like to see the investing community suffer losses, these are the times a purely systematic approach that takes the emotion out of the investment decision can outperform.
  • Where is the bottom? - Because our system takes a daily view of the market and makes a prediction of the risk of investing for the following day, we don't focus on calling a bottom.  When our daily indicator calls for more offensive positioning our system will adjust accordingly. 


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