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We are a 100% automated tactical asset manager, catering to individual investors like you.

Our strategies are designed to grow your money with equity exposure and downside risk protection, while still offering the liquidity, transparency, and diversification that come from investing in broad index ETFs.

We approach investing from a unique perspective. Our team’s background combines years of experience in institutional and alternative investing with expertise in predictive analytics, systems engineering, risk management, and regulatory compliance.


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Our Approach



Our view is that tactical allocation among asset classes, in response to significant changes in equity market supply and demand, provides investors the best opportunity to grow their assets while still gaining protection against steep market declines.

All of our strategies are powered by our proprietary early warning system for predicting daily equity market volatility.   We call it our market stress indicator:



We rely on a rigorous, fact-based investment system built on statistical analysis of decades of empirical equity market history.

Behavioral finance research suggests that investors often make decisions based on what happened most recently.  This “recency bias” can lead to timing mistakes: increasing equity exposure near market tops, and decreasing exposure near market bottoms. 

In addition, behavioral finance tells us that investors’ fear of loss in uncertain investment situations overpowers their anticipation of possible gain.  This “loss aversion” often leads investors to miss out on potential successful investments.

To avoid these biases and the errors that accompany them, we prefer to remove emotion from the equation entirely. 

Daily Index Performance and our Market Stress Indicator


We execute our system once each day, and it indicates whether to reposition your portfolio the next market day.  By predicting increases in equity market volatility, our system is designed to avoid those periods with high risk of equity market losses.

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Our investment strategies embody four key principles:


Most investors don’t have the luxury of waiting years for a buy-and-hold or index strategy to recover from steep losses.  We believe the best way to make money for you is to avoid losing it in the first place.



Better outcomes can be achieved by relying on a data-driven investment system and a clear set of rules designed to protect and grow assets over time.


You deserve an effective investment strategy that you can understand and trust. 



You should have unrestricted access to your capital, on your terms.

Which strategy is right for you?



Our strategies differ by how much equity exposure they give in the offensive state, or the type of protective positioning used in the defensive and cautious states. Each strategy is designed for a different risk / return tradeoff.

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